After the operation, you will return to your daily life in a short while. The operation is not restrictive. You will eat liquid food the first 2 weeks, puree food until the fourth and you can eat as if you never had the operation after five months.

After the obesity operation, you will be taken care of with a special dietary and exercise programme. The weight loss will start fast and will continue decreasingly. In this period, your life quality will better significantly and your average lifespan will be longer. The diseases causedby the obesity like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, joint diseases, hormone instability will be taken under control and your medicine usage will decrease and stop. Cancer possibility, caused by obesity, will reduce significantly. As the sub-dermal fat tissue will diminish, infertility will stop. You can get pregnant in a year and the pregnancy will be much healthier. The burden on your body will diminish every other day and your sportive capacity will increase.

The target is to get rid of 80% of your excess weight and regain your health. Regular exercise will help minimise sagging.

Regaining weight after operation

Those whom obesity operation is suggested are questioned about their eating habits (sugar intake, excess alcohol etc.) then the decision about the operation and how it will be is decided. Some people are not advised to have the operation immediately. People, who have their operation planned according to their obesity level, can lose 75-58% of their weight, up to 90%. The weight losing period lasts around 2 years and people can keep their low weight. Obesity operations are generally an assisting method to help people feel full after eating little. So this prevents people from overeating; but if the person eats consistently, they can gain weight.

In case of a complication

The probability of developing a complication after an obesity operation is not higher than a common stomach operation. Complications suchas stitches, bleeding or infections may occur. However, if precautions are taken, these complications are prevented. even if the duration of hospital stay gets longer, the complications can be treated with the appropriate treatment. Therefore the operation center must also be experienced in treating complications.


Your progress will be closely followed by our team and you will be called for checks. There will be routine checks on 10th day, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th months. The weight loss process and blood values are controlled. Meanwhile, your progress will be followed by expert dieticians and consultants. It is important that you do not go under any treatment or use any medicine without first consulting us. You will be given phone numbers with which you can reach your consultant 7/24. You are kindly invited to reach us in case of any inconvenience.